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Dedicated Circuit Controls

Everyday each one of us may experience something in our office, warehouse, factory or home and never even think twice about how we are putting ourselves in an unsafe situation! While heating up our coffee we turn on our toaster and we blow a fuse! We start our equipment in our factory and the circuits are tripped! We may feel annoyed or inconvenienced by the situation. However, every time we blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker our electrical system is just alerting us to the fact that it is overloaded!

Commercial Industrial Electrical Contractor Dedicated Circuits

The National Electrical Code requires that for all major electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, space heaters, and more each is to have a dedicated circuit. A dedicated circuit is intended for use with a single appliance with the specific purpose of ensuring that enough power is available so that the appliance can operate safely, without overloading the system.

Individual dedicated circuits with the proper amperage are important in your office, warehouse, factory or home because equipment and appliances that are not wired to a dedicated circuit or are wired to a dedicated circuit with incorrect wire size or insufficient amperage may get overheated and possibly start a fire.

If you are unsure if your equipment or appliances are wired properly or if you are experiencing breakers that are constantly tripping then you will want to contact one of our experienced professional electricians at Portman Electric, Inc. As industrial electrical contractors, our licensed electricians have 28 years of knowledge of National Electrical Code and will ensure that your electrical equipment and appliances have the correct amount of dedicated circuits to properly power them safely.

"Dustin came out with 2 other installers and within a few hours we had a whole house 17kw gererator in place and it looked and worked great. I had already moved plants from the area for the generator and they came in and used stones and wood to level it out and make it look like a great addition to my back yard. Dustin came in after all the installation was done and took my wife and me through what they did and what we had to do which turned out to be nothing. We have not had a power failure since then, but we hear the gerator test itself every Saturday. This was a great experience, expensive, but great. If you shop around for other brands of gerators, you will find them more expensive. It took us a couple of years to save up for this one, but the safety is worth it. The other thing that I think Dustin did well was setting up and being around for the city inspector to come to the house, one more thing I did not have to worry about. Thanks Dustin and everyone at Portman. I will be calling you about some electrical additions to my basement when I can."

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