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Many of us just throw the light switch on and there is light! Electricity has become such a convenient and necessary part of our lives. However, many of us never even give a second thought as to what goes into electrical distribution. Although electricity is an important part of our lives it can also be hazardous. It is important that electricity is distributed in a safe and secure manner. Accidents occur due to a lack of safety at different power distribution units. Several handling hazards are put in place to avoid a deadly outcome. One of those handling hazards is called switchgear.

Commercial Industrial Electrical Switchgear

While there are many safety devices and mechanisms that exist to help maintain security levels at all distribution and substations, switchgear is one of the most popular. Due to the various functions and features of switchgears listed below, we begin to understand why it is the chosen safeguard.

  • Switchgears provide ample segmentation of the MV (medium voltage) system. While industrial work is being performed on electrical cables and power stations, switchgears reduce the extent of power outages.
  • Switchgears help in distributing and carrying the load and overloads of different electrical connectors during maintenance and service.
  • They also help in clearing and identifying types of faults and connection failures. This minimizes damages and helps to avoid hazardous conditions.

At Portman Electric we have the experience and knowledge as electrical contractors to install, maintain and repair switchgears. We focus our usage of switchgears to two main types; Metal enclosed switchgear and metal clad switchgear. We have found their usage in commercial and residential electrical connections necessary. However, in Industrial electrical connections we have found ultimate success!

Metal Clad Switchgear:

  • Requires front and rear access to the equipment
  • Requires all live parts to be housed in separate designated compartments
  • Requires shutters in order to function
  • Requires all types of interrupting and switching devices to be mounted on the unit
  • Compartments are adjacent to each other allowing easier access

For industrial application, the metal clad switchgear is ideal. It is commonly used to protect switching transformers, motors, generators, capacitors, buses, general feed lines and circuit breakers. Due to its weatherproof nature, it is ideal for outdoor installation. Industrial plants or factories have found using this type of switchgear helps better organize distribution of power to the machines employed in an industrial setting.

Metal enclosed switchgear

  • Front and rear access is optional
  • Separate compartmentalization is not required
  • Compartments are adjacent to each other and are easily accessible
  • Shutters are not required
  • Fixed mounting is not necessary, allowing for different interrupting devices

Usually found indoors as it used for medium to low voltage applications. Ideal for residential or commercial use as metal enclosed switchgear provides an added degree of protection to personnel or residents that are in close proximity to the equipment. Should an internal arc occur the extra protection is there.

"Outstanding Experience from initial contact through completed installation. Sales presentation was factual and based on our needs, not on their preferences. Allowed us time to consider quote and compare with other offers. Estimate was middle of the road, but based on reviews, and subsequent work, well worth the extra cost. Upon acceptance of contract, work was scheduled in a timely manner and staff arrived on time and ready to work. The proper leg work and local permits were filed ahead of time (many contractors skip this part), preplans were made and all materials on site. Staff was professional, courteous, and willingly answered all my inquiries during the installation. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. A MUST CONSIDER for electrical work especially head end distribution and generator installs."

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