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Arc Fault and Ground Fault Protection

Portman Electric residential services protects your family by installing Arc and Ground Fault Protection products against electrical shocks in Cleveland OH

Are you and your family protected from electrical shock? Where fuses and circuit breakers are designed to protect a home's wiring from fire, GFCI and AFCI devices provide greater protection. GFCI is an ultra-sensitive circuit breaker built right into the electrical outlet. This device detects differences in electrical current and protects a person from electrical shock.  GFCI protection is required anywhere near water, including kitchens, bathrooms, basement areas, garages, and all outdoor outlets. 

AFCI protection is much like a GFCI outlet but it protects against arcing. Arcing can occur when electrical appliances convert electricity into heat, which can cause sparks at the outlet. AFCI protection will detect arcing and shut down the outlet before any damage can be done. AFCI protection is now required by the National Electrical Code for electrical wiring that serves all sleeping areas, such as bedrooms or dens with fold-out couches. These are areas where fires could start and catch people who are sleeping or otherwise unable to get out quickly.

"Dustin came out to give us a quote on the project during the summer. He was right on time for this appointment, and was very thorough in both his presentation and answering all the questions I had about the project. Within a day, I had the quotes for the two potential Generac units we could have used for the project. We then scheduled the project (full day) for a mutually agreeable time. The installation crew (2 electricians and 1 plumber for the gas line) were on-site right on time and reviewed the game plan for the installation with me. From there, they got right to work, being very careful to lay protective coverings on the flooring in the house. The project was done as agreed, and then they gave me a run through of how the unit worked, maintenance, etc. A couple of weeks later, they came back and met with the city inspector to finalize the required inspection of the unit and related installation. I would definitely recommend Portman Electric for the installation of a generator, and would also consider using them for other electric projects around the house. Nice work by the Portman team!"

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