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After losing my electric service for over three days in 2012, I decided to have a backup generator installed. I selected Portman Electric because of their references on Angie's List. This was also the time to have my 59 year old electric service boxes updated. The location for the generator and the paths for the gas and electric lines were established by Mike and I and the gas line sub-contractor at the time of the initial review and prior to receiving the proposal from Dustin. From the proposal I selected the larger generator so the whole house would be covered with my careful use of the circuits. Dustin and Adam arrived on time on the selected day and began work right away. Adam took charge of the electric panel installation. I had several electric boxes in an ugly configuration, but Adam was able to consolidate them into one neat modern circuit breaker panel. His work was meticulous and orderly. I understand the before and after pictures of the fuse panel have already been used by Portman as a selling point. Dustin proceeded with placing the generator at the desired location and establishing the path for the electric conduit and gas line. The lines were neatly placed in position as initially determined. Dustin connected the generator to the many wires in the conduit between the generator and the transfer switch which is mounted next to the new circuit breaker panel. He also connected the remote monitor which is mounted in the house so I can check on the condition of the generator. The sub-contractor, selected by Portman, for the gas line arrived on time and proceeded to intall the additional gas line. This sub-contractor worked closely with Dustin and Adam providing another set of hands as needed. The house was without gas or electricity for the entire day but they completed the entire job in one day. The entire job was done very neatly and professionaly. I am very pleased.


Dustin did an excellent job of determining the size and type of generator we needed, the proper placement and the necessary gas and electrical connections. Once we agreed on the contract, the installation was scheduled promptly and was done smoothly. Dustin himself was here for the job and made sure everything was working correctly. Couldn't ask for better.


For years we had wanted a generator. We were tired of roughing it every time the power went out. One day we were following a van with a Generac logo on it so we called the number on the van and the guy came out to give us an estimate. He really was of little help. He wasn't sure what size generator we would need or when he might be able to do it, he'd get back to us with a price and more information. Well we never heard from him again. That's when I decided that I should probably call Portman Electric, after all the Angies List coupon had been hanging on the fridge for months!!! We scheduled an appointment with the secretary and a couple days later Dustin was at our door step. He was EXTREMELY knowledgeable. He had pictures from previous jobs, explained the difference between the generators and the installation process. He left us with 3 options to choose from. No pressure. We called him with our decision and 4 weeks later Dustin and Adam were back for the installation! They arrived on time and were all business. They let us know when they needed to turn off the power, relit all pilot lights, went over the unit with us and they left our house cleaner than when they started! They were very polite and respectful. We can't say enough. We are VERY happy.


It was a bad weather day but the crew arrived ~10AM as scheduled. Doing electrical and gas hookups in the rain is not my idea of having fun but the techs made their schedule and were finished, in including a clean up, by about 3PM. Friendly, cheerful, and efficient would be a good description of everyone that I have met from Portman. Great company to work with!


Over the last few years we had discussed getting a backup generator, especially after power outages lasting for hours. The outage earlier in 2013 during relentless driving rain lasted 23 hours and was followed by three inches of water in our basement. Using a portable generator (and staying up all night to keep it fueled) we drove our sump pump to exhaustion and the battery back-up pump failed as well. Initially we leaned toward a smaller selected-circuit backup system. After seeing Portman trucks in our general area and reading favorable reviews on Angie's List we called the company and made an appointment for a site assessment. Dustin Pettrey came out, looked at our situation outdoors and indoors, and within a matter of days came back with a choice of proposals in an email. Since the cost differential between a selected-circuit system and a whole-house backup system was not all that much, we decided on the latter and contracted to have the work done. Mr. Pettrey and his colleague came out and placed the generator on the optional poured-concrete pad we selected in a perennial bed I had cleared of its plants. The connection to the natural gas line was neatly and sturdily made with multiple support struts. The indoor electrical connections required making changes to the two electrical boxes. Mr. Pettrey gave us complete paperwork on the system and informed us of the maintenance and upkeep required. All work was accomplished tidily with no scrap, dust or metal shavings left behind. We also appreciated receiving the extended warranty benefit because of the Angie's List connection. The professionalism we enjoyed at every step of the process from our first phone call of inquiry was reassuring and inspired confidence that we were doing the right thing.


I was very happy with the service and quality of the work. They arrived on time, took their time to do all the work in orderly fashion and cleaned up like they were never there. You can't even tell anyone was working in area where new generator is sitting the surrounding grass was completely undisturbed. I had one miscommunication on what I wanted in regards to the panel and they worked with me and resolved the issue to my complete satisfaction no questions asked.


My wife said "no more" when the power went out for 3 days and we saw they had power just across the street. I had no trouble with getting through and setting up an appointment. Dustin came out, said it would be no problem with the setup and we went over the options. I really do not remember too much delay, but there was some slowed shipping from hurricane Sandy, but it was a small delay. Whenever I called for an update, Dustin or the young women at Portman would call me back within a day or even pick up the phone, but they are always busy. Dustin came out with 2 other installers and within a few hours we had a whole house 17kw gererator in place and it looked and worked great. I had already moved plants from the area for the generator and they came in and used stones and wood to level it out and make it look like a great addition to my back yard. Dustin came in after all the installation was done and took my wife and me through what they did and what we had to do which turned out to be nothing. We have not had a power failure since then, but we hear the gerator test itself every Saturday. This was a great experience, expensive, but great. If you shop around for other brands of gerators, you will find them more expensive. It took us a couple of years to save up for this one, but the safety is worth it. The other thing that I think Dustin did well was setting up and being around for the city inspector to come to the house, one more thing I did not have to worry about. Thanks Dustin and everyone at Portman. I will be calling you about some electrical additions to my basement when I can.


Outstanding Experience from initial contact through completed installation. Sales presentation was factual and based on our needs, not on their preferences. Allowed us time to consider quote and compare with other offers. Estimate was middle of the road, but based on reviews, and subsequent work, well worth the extra cost. Upon acceptance of contract, work was scheduled in a timely manner and staff arrived on time and ready to work. The proper leg work and local permits were filed ahead of time, (many contractors skip this part), preplans were made and all materials on site. Staff was professional, courteous, and willingly answered all my inquiries during the installation. A few unexpected issues were experienced during the installation and the owner himself came out to assist in the resolution and lend a hand in completing work on time due to these delays. I was gratified to see the owner pitch in so readily to help. He even "manned a shovel" to help with the back fill. The staff observed during the dig that my soil was especially rocky and suggested they place the gas line in a PVC sleeve to better protect it from damage. This was NOT in the estimate, NOT required by code, but plain old good practice and attention to detail. They also did this at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. On completion of the work, they thoroughly tested the system and explained to me all aspects of operation and maintenance I, as owner needed. In addition, they inspected my entire distribution system and made me aware of additional work needed to maximize safety and bring the system up to current code compliance.
I cannot recommend this company highly enough. A MUST CONSIDER for electrical work especially head end distribution and generator installs.


Dustin provided us with recommendations and a cost estimate for two alternatives after a detailed discussion of our needs and of the capabilities of different units. The actual installation was understandably delayed a bit by the work that the gas company had to do and because Dustin attended the special training course to take care of our special requirements. On the day of the installation, they arrived promptly. The installation of the generator, new wiring, rewiring, and new gas plumbing was carried out neatly and everything was cleaned up following the installation. All work was finished by 4 p.m.


Dustin came out quickly (there was an opening in his schedule) and gave us an estimate within an hour. He answered all the questions we had at that time and followed up on email with other questions throughout the process. Once we committed and we set up a time, he arrived promptly and completed all the work. He took into consideration our request to install the unit a little above ground level and installed the transfer switch inside the garage after we expressed concern about it being outside. He also replaced our aging electrical panel and even handled a few odd electrical jobs we had asked for. The site was clean and neat before they left and they explained how everything worked. (They even painted the piping to match our gray siding.)


I had called another electrical contractor who advertised in a local paper, but after 3 phone calls, they never responded to even offer a quote. Generac recommended Portman Electric. I did a BBB search and read reviews by other customers before I called Portman. Dustin scheduled an appointment for Saturday morning. He reviewed our house, the appliances, the furnace and A/C, and the electric and gas. Dustin was very thorough, professional, and courteous. I had researched Generacs and talked to other people who owned them. Dustin explained everything in detail and made sure I understood everything.

He emailed my quote that next Monday and suggested a 10 Kw unit that would easily handle our A/C unit load. I paid a deposit to place the order, knowing that it would be 6-8 weeks before the unit would be available. I guess so many people were placing orders, the company in WI was severely backlogged. They hired 400 employees to increase production.

Dustin called me in late February to set an appointment for March 7. He and another installer arrived that morning and immediately began prepping the gas and electric hook-ups and the site for the placement of the generator unit. They kept me informed about what they were doing and asked me when it would be okay to shut the power and gas lines off to make the connections. My wife is disabled and Dustin was worried that they would adve

I left to go to work and they completed the installation. Dustin called me to let me know all was done. It took about 4 hours. When I came home, the generator was in place, the gas and electrical connections were neatly done and looked great, the area was cleaned of all debris, as if they had never been there.

Dustin came back that evening to go over the operation of the generator, the transfer switch, the controls, and ran it through a shutdown and transfer cycle so I could watch it operate.

The unit automatically cycles on once each week for 10 minutes at a preset day and time. It is as loud as a standard lawnmower and the noise of the generator is not noticeable from inside the house.


From the start this was an exceptional experience. I located this company on Angie's List. They promptly contacted me and made an appointment to inspect my home. They provided several written options for my consideration. They also pointed out a minor problem with my meter box which they would also fix. After speaking with other contractors and exchanging several email and phone inquiries with Dustin at Portman Electric I decided to go with them. Within a week of signing the contract a date was set and installation completed. They arrived timely and completed the installation in a few hours. They tested the unit and reviewed the system operation with me. They cleaned up after completing the job leaving everything in good condition. I am sure I will hire them again for my electrical needs. What I felt most comfortable about was they are licensed electricians, were an authorized dealer and they provide the service and maintenace for the generator. I highly recommend them.


Dustin provided a detailed quote and reasonable price. The installation was on time. I observed the installation, which was done very well with good clean-up.


Our experience with Dustin Pettrey was good. He was on time and was professional. We spent around $200. We would use him again in the future.


On the day of the installation, Dustin and Jason arrived in the morning as scheduled..They inspected the work site and discussed with me the best plan of action, then they got to work. The job took about 6 hours of continuous work. They ran gas and electric lines to my existing utilities and installed a box for the generator next to my existing electic panel. They even straightened out and reset some of my existing breakers to a neater pattern. The work they did in the basesment and outside was so neatly and profesionally done that you could not even tell that they did any work there. The generator outside was placed on a limestone base with treated lumber along the outside edges, none of my shrubs were disturbed. They cleaned up after the work was done, I could not even tell they had been there and it was one of the muddiest days of the season.


Choosing and installing a generator from Portman Electric was made as easy as can be by Dustin Pettrey. He was truly a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.


Dustin Pettrey and his team did an excellent job from an initial evaluation to the very end. The job was performed during one day, very efficiently and cleanly. They even replaced an old grounding pipe, which wasn't in a good shape, and insulated the grid wires coming to the house. I was very pleased with this project.


Everything went very well. Dustin was very responsive before, during, and after the installation. now all we have to wait for is a power failure which we hope doesn't come.


Jeff, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the electrician you sent - Tim. He was definitely the right guy for this job on my RV. I guess it helped that he is also an RV enthusiast, be he wouldn't deviate from the plane even against all odds and 90 degree plus heat. I was ready to have him run a new line but he knew how improbable it was that the line itself was bad and knew there had to be a bad link somewhere. I told him I'd kiss him if he found it, but I only shook his hand instead. In addition to being very knowledgeable, he was a damn nice guy. Thanks again for Tim and thanks for sending him in such a timely manner. Your company shines above the rest of the crowd.

Bainbridge Township


Portman Electric did a fantastic job at our home with all the electrical work required to install a hot tub. Their prompt service and good price was greatly appreciated. Not only did Tim our electrician complete the project that he quoted but he also solved a septic tank pump issue we were experiencing that saved us a lot of time and money. From my initial conversation with Jeff and his crew they were all very professional. I highly recommend Portman Electric to anyone looking for a reliable, competent and professional electrician.

Brent Grunden
Chagrin Falls, Ohio


As both the Maintenance & Engineering Manager over the past 30 years at a 60 year old manufacturing facility I've seen a lot of change as technology and product lines are replaced. With these projects you learn who is in business for the long term and who not only has their interest at heart but yours as well. Portman Electric has always gone above and beyond what was initially agreed to and has been one contractor I've come to rely on to complete all work in a safe, professional and cost effective manner.

Randy Cooke
Chardon Custom Polymers


Clark Rubber and Plastics has used Portman Electric for small projects over the years, so when we embarked on our large addition we turned to Portman Electric for our equipment electrical needs. Our manufacturing is very important to us, so price is only part of the equation. Quality and timing are also extremely important. In the end we were very pleased in our decision to go with Portman Electric.

Greg Clark
Clark Rubber and Plastics Co.


After years of adding CNC machines at our manufacturing facility we began having problems with sufficient power to run the equipment. We called Portman Electric in to analyze the situation and really had a great experience. Jeff's level of professionalism and his crew's expertise quickly had our shop operating smoothly. We were so pleased that we call Portman in any time we get a major piece of machinery that needs installed.

Paul Spangler
Drummond Corporation


Please relay to your entire group for me, my thanks for the hard work in getting our projects completed on time and within budget. The workmanship is always spot on! Portman Electric continues to deliver excellent workmanship, with a fast turn-a-round, and with a price that consistently beats the competition. On behalf of Pentair Chardon, Thanks again to the Portman Electric team for their collective great efforts.

Terry S. Croyle.
Pentair Filtration

"Outstanding Experience from initial contact through completed installation. Sales presentation was factual and based on our needs, not on their preferences. Allowed us time to consider quote and compare with other offers. Estimate was middle of the road, but based on reviews, and subsequent work, well worth the extra cost. Upon acceptance of contract, work was scheduled in a timely manner and staff arrived on time and ready to work. The proper leg work and local permits were filed ahead of time (many contractors skip this part), preplans were made and all materials on site. Staff was professional, courteous, and willingly answered all my inquiries during the installation. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. A MUST CONSIDER for electrical work especially head end distribution and generator installs."

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