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Why Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

What will it cost me to hire a licensed electrical contractor? Often, homeowners and business owners, in an attempt to save money, will hire a handyman or an unlicensed electrician.

You’re Liable

However, they have not thought about the liability that they open themselves up to by doing so. What if that handyman or unlicensed electrician is injured while working on your project? Do you know that he/she can sue you for medical bills and other losses due to the injury incurred? What if the work that is performed is faulty or fails within a month of being completed? Perhaps the hired worker leaves the job incomplete? What is your recourse? So while they may have cut costs upfront, in the long run they may come out of pocket for much more.

Dangers of hiring an unlicensed electrician

What will it cost you, not to hire a licensed electrical contractor? Statistically, between the years ‘2007 and 2011 sixty three percent of home fires involved faulty or improperly installed wiring and related equipment’, reports the National Fire Protection Agency. Of those home fires, 50% of them resulted in the death of a resident of that home! The NFPA develops and publishes more than 300 consensus codes and standards to eliminate deaths, injury, and property loss associated fire, electrical, and other related hazards. If you hire a handyman or an unlicensed electrician to do electrical work on your home, they are more than likely not trained to do the work and are unaware of the NFPA codes and standards!

Costly “Real Life” Example

In a western state, a customer received an estimate to upgrade his home from knob and tube wiring to for a complete electrical replacement to accommodate his needs. He felt that the licensed electricians estimate was too high! So he hired an unlicensed handyman to complete the job. The handyman completed the work, however, he never took out a permit through the county and a housing inspector was never called to approve the work completed. Unfortunately, since a housing inspector wasn’t called to review the work, the homeowner has no idea if the electrical work done to his home is safe or correctly wired. Also, when this homeowner attempts to sell his home, per state real estate disclosure laws, he will have to disclose that he had the home rewired without permits or inspections.

Benefits of hiring a licensed electrician

All licensed electricians and contractors are required to take continuing education classes to remain current with code and safety issues as part of maintaining their licensure. You have the added safety that not only will your job be done correctly but will be completed per the most current NFPA codes. Every licensed electrician will pay to have a permit pulled in the local jurisdiction. Once the work is completed, per the contract, then a city inspector will inspect the work. Giving the homeowner or business owner an added benefit that their property is correctly wired and safe! At Portman Electric, we have been providing our customers with the added benefit of 28 years of excellent service. We pride ourselves on making certain that as electrical contractors our commercial, residential, and industrial electricians are highly skilled and safety trained to deliver the best service to you.

"As both the Maintenance & Engineering Manager over the past 30 years at a 60 year old manufacturing facility I've seen a lot of change as technology and product lines are replaced. With these projects you learn who is in business for the long term and who not only has their interest at heart but yours as well. Portman Electric has always gone above and beyond what was initially agreed to and has been one contractor I've come to rely on to complete all work in a safe, professional and cost effective manner."

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